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Advice and guidelines for lodging a Development Application.

So you have determined your project requires a Development Application (DA).

Most types of building, subdivision and demolition work require a development consent from Council.

Parkes Shire Council recommends that you consult with a Council Officer prior to lodging a DA to ensure you understand the process and all of the requirements of submission. Contact us during weekdays on 02 6861 2373.

To make an application, refer to Council’s Application Guide to ensure your submission includes the required details, plans and documentation.

The minimum documentation required to accompany a DA is specified by Schedule 1 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

Application guide

Not sure about the Development Application process? We can help.

Parkes Shire Council has produced a Guide to Preparing a Development Application that outlines the required information that needs to be lodged for certain proposals.

The submission of supporting documentation will assist Council to assess and determine an application in a timely and efficient manner.

A minimum of two paper copies of all the required documentation and one electronic copy must accompany a Development Application.

Fees & Charges

Fees and charges for Development Applications

Parkes Shire Council’s Annual Operational Plan outlines the fees and charges applicable to Development Applications, Complying Development Certificates, Construction Certificates and other Council approvals.

The fees and charges relating to development matters are available for download.

Council provides a free quotation service on request from proponents, provided the estimated cost of development is clearly provided in writing to Council.

For further information contact the Planning and Environment Department on 02 6861 2373.

Developer contributions & charges

Meeting the demands of future developments in the Shire.

Development contributions are contributions made by those undertaking developments approved under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act).

The contributions go toward the provision or improvement of amenities or services or to recover costs of infrastructure and facilitates that are provided by Council to meet the demands of the future development.

The range of public facilities identified under Council’s Contribution Plans include acquisition and embellishment of open space, urban roads and car parking.

Council has adopted two new contributions plans in 2016. These are;

Parkes Shire Section 94 Contributions Plan 2016

Parkes Shire Section 94A Contributions Plan 2016

Council has developed two advisory documents to assist the community and development industry with the implementation of the new contributions plans. These are;

Parkes Shire Planning Agreement Policy 2016

Developer Services Plan

For more information about Developer Contributions, contact Council's Planning Department on 02 6861 2373

Application forms

One application form for all types of development in the Shire.

Parkes Shire Council has a combined application form for Development Applications, Complying Development Certificates, Construction Certificates and other council approvals.  The application form may downloaded and printed out to help you prepare your application.

Parkes Shire Council Application Form

Hardcopies of the application form are also available at the Planning and Environment Department, Parkes Shire Council Administration Office.

Electronic housing code

The Electronic Housing Code is a handy online tool if you’re planning a development.

The Electronic Housing Code (EHC) is an on-line system for the electronic lodgement of complying development applications under the NSW Housing Code for lots 200m2 and above. This system will also allow the user to determine if they are able to proceed with their development without further approvals, as an exempt development.

The Electronic Housing Code is an online tool that can be used to:

  • Investigate your development options for an individual site
  • Generate an exempt development report
  • Prepare your complying development application electronically
  • Lodge your application electronically
  • Monitor the progress of your application

For more information, visit the Electronic Housing Code website.