National Logistics HUB

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The National Logistics Hub

Integral to Australia’s intermodal freight future.

Perfectly positioned to deliver solutions and opportunities

With freight volumes set to double by 2030 and triple by 2050, Parkes will form an integral part of the intermodal freight solution.

Parkes acts as a national transport node, as it is strategically located at the intersection of the Newell Highway and major railways linking Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth as well as Adelaide and Darwin.  This position will be further enhanced by the development of the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail.

  • 80% of the Australian population can be reached overnight from Parkes by road;
  • Transport and logistics represent approximately 7.7% of the Shire's $1b of GDP and employs over 7% of the Shire's work force;
  • B-Double access to Parkes is available on all major routes; Road-train/B-Triple access is available from the west;
  • Road-train linkages to the Parkes intermodal hub from as far west as Adelaide have been identified;
  • Parkes is the first point from Sydney where trains can be double stacked;
  • Warehousing costs are at least 50% cheaper than in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane;
  • Industrial Land - fully serviced blocks at one tenth of the cost compared to Sydney Western suburbs;
  • Parkes offers a highly skilled workforce, good schools, terrific regional hospital, affordable housing and top-class recreational facilities;

The advantages of scale and accessibility

In 2006, Parkes Shire Council, with approval from the State Government, rezoned 516 hectares for the development of the Parkes National Logistics Hub with an additional reserve of over 100 hectares. The Hub has about three times the amount of land as Sydney’s Moorebank freight terminal.

The site has been designed for 24 hour, seven days per week operation of a multi-modal transport facility. Currently 16 million people or over 80% of the Australian population can be reached in less than 12 hours by road from Parkes. The National Logistics hub boasts three main investors Linfox, SCT Logistics and Asciano.

Location lowers costs

Parkes has access to all major cities in Australia and this includes readily accessible rail connections to all major seaports. This further defines the strategic locality of the Parkes National Logistics Hub project. The centralised location of Parkes reduces the average distance that freight needs to travel to reach the major markets throughout Australia. This results in significantly lower transport costs for distribution. Other cost savings can also be achieved with lower industrial land costs and wage costs.

Investment opportunities

Major investment opportunities are available for businesses looking to capitalise on Parkes’ strategic potential for logistics, manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Parkes Shire has opportunities for the agricultural sector to value add, including processing facilities, centralised storage and distribution point for fertiliser, chemicals and fuel among other commodities and products.

 “We see potential for bulk grains to leave Parkes in 1,800 metre long trains (three times longer than currently) that are double stacked. That type of scale generates significant supply-chain efficiencies.”

~ Parkes Shire Mayor Cr Ken Keith OAM

Modal choice and solutions

The Parkes National Logistics Hub offers modal choice and solutions that are cheaper, faster, easier and more efficient than alternative offerings. Investing in Parkes means lower overhead costs and greater profits.

Current Investors

Positive Council support

Parkes Shire Council knows and understands our community, economy and stakeholders. Council can see the opportunities that having an efficient Intermodal will bring to regional Australia but also the benefits it will bring to the transport and logistics industry.

For any further information, contact Council's Economic and Business Development Manager, Anna Wyllie.