Ranger Services

Rangers are employed by Council to protect public safety, enhance the natural environment, and preserve public amenities throughout the Parkes Shire.

If you require the services of a Council Ranger, contact Council's Planning and Environment Department on 0268612373

If outside of business hours, contact Council’s After Hours Service on 1800 648 585 or the Police.

Council's After Hours Service is only available for emergency situations involving aggressive dogs, large stock straying on roads or where a dog attack has occurred.

Animals & pets

Rangers can assist residents who are experiencing issues with roaming, barking, or aggressive dogs.

Where possible, Council suggests that you first approach the owner of the dog to make them aware that a nuisance exists.

If this is unsuccessful, Council's Ranger will investigate the problem and take appropriate action.

Seizure of Dogs

Council's Rangers may seize stray dogs that is in a public place and is not under the effective control of a competent person. The ranger will deliver seized animals to Council's Animal Shelter.

Cats are not restricted from roaming under the Companion Animals Act and there is no power in the legislation to seize cats.

Council staff will not respond to calls to collect dogs or cats seized by members of the public.

Parkes Animal Shelter
56 Saleyards Road, Parkes

Opening Hours
9am - 11am weekdays

Parking safety

Council's team of Rangers and Parking Officers play a vital role in creating a safe and accessible environment for motorists and pedestrians. Council Officers undertake regular high and low visibility parking patrols to facilitate equitable access, ensure pedestrian safety and detect parking offences.

Council encourages motorists to consider parking regulations when parking your vehicle, to avoid a possible fine and loss of demerit points.

Abandoned vehicles

Council Rangers investigate concerns regarding possible abandoned vehicles. It is important to note that if a vehicle is parked outside the registered address it may not be considered abandoned.

Council Rangers will undertake an investigation in accordance with the Impounding Act 1993 which includes placing a sticker on the vehicle to notify that it is under investigation and sending a notice to remove the vehicle to the registered owner. If the owner does not remove the vehicle or make contact with Council within the statutory timeframe the vehicle will be impounded.

If there is a risk to public safety or the vehicle is causing an obstruction to traffic Council will work with the Police, and the vehicle may be removed immediately. The owner of the vehicle is liable for any costs incurred in the removal and storage of the vehicles as well as any related penalty notices.

Illegal waste

Council Rangers investigate illegal dumping, littering and kerbside waste for the purpose of protecting our environment and ensuring the health and safety of Parkes Shire residents.

Illegal dumping is the placement of waste onto private or public land where no license or approval exists to accept such waste.

Every reasonable attempt will be made by Council Rangers to locate the owner of the illegally dumped materials.

Your help in reporting information relating to illegally dumped materials is important.

Unauthorised activities

Council Rangers will monitor and regulate any unauthorised activities and structures on public land.

Unauthorised activities, structures and articles can be hazardous to the public and cause damage to infrastructure.

Your help in reporting information relating to unauthorised activities is important.