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Managing our water supply

Water projects and investment to secure future growth.

Being remote from water sources, Parkes’ water supply security would be vulnerable without managed intervention. In addition, key sectors that underpin the local economy such as mining, manufacturing and agriculture are heavy water users.

Parkes Shire Council has been proactively working towards future proofing water security for the Shire through a combination of projects and drawing on a number of different water sources including dams, river, bores and recycled water.

The construction of a newWater Treatment Plant (WTP) is underway which provide a safe, secure and reliable water supply for Parkes and Peak Hill now and into the future.

Upgrades have been completed to Lake Endeavour for improved water security involving strengthening the Dam to ensure the long term stability and integrity of the structure. The project also involved enhancing the Dam for increased flood security.

A Lake Endeavour early warning system website and dashboard has been developed to assist Council and residents to monitor the water levels and prepare for spills and provide sufficient warning for potential flood events. See link at the top of this page.

Other projects have included a new bore sunk to deliver a better spread for the acquifer; an Active Leak Detection Program and upgrading of raw water pipes; a refurbishment of Bore 8 on the Lachlan River to allow for increased capacity and; the project of a Recycled Water Ring Main to deliver a consistent water source year round.

These combined projects will optimise power usage, allow for remote monitoring and reuse of a limited water supply. Securing water for Parkes will allow for the sustainable growth of the town and support current and future expansion, both residential and industrial/commercial.

More information on these major infrastructure projects can be viewed under the investment in infrastructure page in this section.

Water Security & Management

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