Street art in the Parkes CBD

Take the Public Art Trail and experience our stories.

Stroll through the Parkes CBD and discover through art, the culture and character of Parkes.

Parkes Shire Council’s plan was to create a visible arts presence throughout the CBD with a public art program that engages artists’ creative ideas to celebrate the values of Parkes and define the CBD as a place where people want to be. It has been a key component of Council’s CBD Main Street Vibrancy Strategy.

A series of public art installations in the main street by local artist Jac Clark were commissioned and a launch of the installation was held in May.

Five installations have been created which capture the culture, identity and character of the Shire. The art works have been strategically placed to lead locals and visitors through the CBD to add to the economy and vibrancy of the main street.


The community is very proud of our famous icon “The Dish”. People are always referring to Parkes as “ know The Dish”. The Dish is represented with the female astronaut; she also reflects the importance we place on gender equality.

Community Cultural Wall

This wall provides a central location and a unique opportunity for artists, community members and students to hold temporary exhibitions.

NOW SHOWING: “Waste to Art”


“The King” is featured due to the success of the annual Parkes Elvis Festival which attracts visitors from far and wide. Fans can have their picture taken with “The King” which is so easy these days, with a smart phone at your fingertips. Elvis’ camera is a tribute to history and the evolution of technology.


Parkes’ commitment to literacy has been an outstanding achievement with programs such as Paint the Town REaD, REaDtember and also the Curiosity & Wonder Festival all developed to help children and parents understand the importance of reading. The books beside the young girl have titles relating to the Shire.

Cooke Park Mural

This mural is designed to work as a combination of ideas of what Parkes is about. It both introduces and reinforces the meanings of the artworks that are hung in other locations. Its intention is to be fun, bright and recognisable. Themes present in the mural include agriculture, flora and fauna, space, astronomy, culture, talent and inspiration.

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