Library Services

We offer an extensive range of programs and services.

The Parkes Shire Library network offers a range of services, programs and facilities for members, visitors and the community.
Public Computers

Parkes, Peak Hill, Trundle and Tullamore Libraries have computers available for FREE use. This includes accessing the Internet and Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint.

You are welcome to bring your USB drives, but please be aware they are checked for viruses.

FREE wifi is also available at all the Libraries.


All Parkes Shire libraries can send and receive faxes. Please be aware there are charges.

Items can be scanned to PDF or an image at Parkes Library. This is a free service.

Photocopying and printing services are available at all libraries. Costs start at $0.30.

Justice of the Peace (JP)

We have available two JP's.  Ask our staff at the desk and they will check who is available to assist you.

Feel free to telephone and check if one of our JP's will be available if you are planning to come in.

Free Computer Training

Parkes Shire Library members have FREE access to a simple online training solution for learning how to use popular computer applications including Introductory Computer Training lessons for those just starting to use computers.

A training and support session is held at Parkes Shire Library during school terms on Thursdays from 9am to 11am.  Please call Parkes Library on 02 6861 2309 to notify staff of your intention to attend.

 Or you can give the program a try yourself:

New users can login by accessing
Click the link in the New User paragraph. The next screen that appears allows you to set up your User Name and Password, then you will be taken to the range of lessons.

Returning users access
Enter your User Name and Password and the range of lessons will be available.

If you need further assistance see Library staff.

Study Room

A quiet study room is available for use at Parkes Library. Bookings can be made for regular use.

Please call Parkes Library on 02 6861 2309 to make a future booking, or see one of the Library team to make an impromptu booking.

Home Library Service


Parkes Neighbourhood Central and Parkes Shire Library offer a friendly and FREE housebound service to all residents of Parkes. Those who are unable to personally visit the Library either by reason of age, illness or disability are eligible to be included in this service.

To register for the service please contact Parkes Neighbourhood Central on 02 6862 3788 or 02 6862 3757 or Parkes Library on 02 6861 2309.

All items held by Parkes Library are able to be borrowed by housebound members. Items are delivered once a fortnight. Bulk loans are also available to institutions such as nursing homes, retirement villages and aged care centres.

This service relies on the assistance of volunteers to select and deliver the items to the housebound members. If you have a small amount of spare time and are interested in helping a much needed service then please contact Parkes Neighbourhood Central on 02 6862 3788 or 02 6862 3757.


St Vincent de Paul Society Trundle offers a housebound library service in Trundle. Please call 0448 238 640 to make arrangements. The volunteers can help you join the library and will choose items that suit your interests.

Request to purchase an item

If an item is not held within any of the Parkes Shire libraries you will be offered two options:

  • If the item has been published within the last two years and is an appropriate addition to the existing collection the item will be purchased and held for you to pick up at a later date.
  • If the item is older than two years or is not appropriate for the existing collection we can inter-library-loan the item from another library. To request an item from another NSW public library will cost $5. To request the item from a University, special or library outside NSW you will be charged the fee imposed by this library.

Lodge a Request for Purchase via email.

Recycle Your Old Toothbrush!

Parkes Library has signed up to the TerraCycle Colgate Oral Care Brigade, an oral care waste recycling program. All sorts of oral care products can be recycled, including old toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrush packaging and floss containers. The items are shredded and melted into hard plastic that is remoulded into useful new products.

Council is committed to reducing, reusing and recycling waste with goal of reducing the amount that ends up in landfill. Parkes Library is perfectly placed as a busy community centre where residents can easily drop in their old toothbrushes.

Driver Education

Aussie Driver Program - Getting ready to become a new driver in NSW?  Get free learners practice tests and download this year's NSW Driver's manual! These practice tests are 100% free and were designed to mimic the real Learners test as much as possible.