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Parkes Shire Council has completed construction works to upgrade Lake Endeavour Dam. The project involved strengthening the Dam to ensure the long term stability and integrity of the structure. The project also involved enhancing the Dam for increased flood security.

A Lake Endeavour early warning system website and dashboard has been developed and is available by clicking here

"Lake Endeavour Dam has performed and operated in a satisfactory manner for the past 76 years. However, on the basis of recent studies carried out by the NSW Dams Safety Committee, the spillway capacity was considered inadequate by modern standards and required strengthening and flood security works to be carried out," explained Mayor Cr Ken Keith.

“The upgrade works involved strengthening the Dam embankment and spillway training wall to ensure long term stability and integrity of the structure,” said Mayor Ken Keith.

“Increased flood security will be achieved by widening/deepening the existing relief spillway and raising the current embankment crest.”

Mayor Keith added “this infrastructure upgrade was a significant investment into maintaining Lake Endeavour as a key water reservoir for the Parkes Shire and to ensure its continued safe operation over the next several decades."

The project cost $12.2 million, with Council receiving a subsidy from the NSW State Government. The project was managed by Parkes Shire Council and a Contractor, Entracon Civil Pty Ltd, who was appointed to complete the construction and Dam upgrade works following a comprehensive tender proces for the project.

A turning of the sod ceremony was held on Monday 19th of May with Local State Member the Hon. Troy Grant MP, Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing and Minister for the Arts, and Parkes Shire Council Mayor Cr Ken Keith breaking ground for the project.

During the ceremony Minister Grant acknowledged the significance of Lake Endeavour to the Parkes Shire and the State, remarking that Lake Endeavour Dam remains a critical piece of infrastructure for the local water supply and water security in the area and is a also a key dam in the NSW fisheries restocking program.

Minister Grant congratulated Parkes Shire Council on its progressive attitude toward infrastructure upgrades and highlighted that the Dam upgrade project as a good example of state and local government working together.

Minister Grant has had the opportunity to look at many dams during his time as Parliamentary Secretary for Natural Resources through his involvement on the Dams Safety Committee and was pleased that such a significant dam upgrade project was taking place in his electorate

Lake Endeavour Dam is available for use for passive recreation activities, permits to access the site are available from Parkes Shire Council.

A frequently asked questions (FAQ) document is also available below Any inquiries regarding the project should be directed to Parkes Shire Council’s Project Support Officer, Louise Peebles on 6861 2305.

Frequently Asked Questions