Updates on major projects

The 2015/16 financial year was one of the most exciting and progressive years for Council.

For a quick snapshot of the projects recently undertaken during the 2015-16 financial year download our Projects road map

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Record budget

The 2015/16 financial year was one of the most exciting and progressive years for Parkes Shire Council, delivering a record capital works budget of $42m to deliver many priorities to its communities of Parkes, Peak Hill, Trundle, Tullamore and Bogan Gate.

Fit for the Future

Council was deemed Fit for the Future, moving forward as a strong stand-alone organisation. The benefits of the Special Rate Variation (SRV), which was introduced in 2013 to ensure financial stability, were further realised with Council’s financial situation turned around enabling the organisation to fund community priorities.

The SRV increased Council’s revenue by $2.802m in 2015/16, enabling Council to dedicate additional funds to priority works identified through community consultation.

The SRV has also enabled Council to reduce its infrastructure backlog and improve the condition of Council’s assets. Council is above the benchmark with a ratio of 2.05%. As a result of this dedicated delivery program, Parkes Shire Council’s building and infrastructure renewal ratio was 207% (more than doubling on previous years) and asset maintenance ratio was 1.08 and capital expenditure at 2.1.

Major projects

Major projects have been delivered including:

  • an $12m upgrade of Lake Endeavour Dam to future proof this major water source for the Shire
  • a new airport terminal and associated precinct upgrade for $3m, and
  • doubling of the roads spend to $7.89m of sealed and unsealed works - totalling a massive 80km of upgraded roads.
Water security

Work on the new Sewage Treatment Plant ($23m project) and Water Treatment Plant ($40m) commenced with a significant local spend forecasted, making them two of the largest projects Parkes Shire Council is likely to undertake in the next 20 years.

Council used a unique tendering process for local government including early contractor involvement, intensive tendering process to ensure the best value for its community, an estimated saving across these new projects of $8m.

Water security is paramount for the Shire, and Council has undertaken combined projects to achieve this for its community including refurbishing a bore on the Lachlan River, commencing the Recycled Water Ring Main (aiming for full reuse of water), and an innovative leak identification system not used elsewhere in NSW (now used as a case study by NSW Water Directorate).


Council managed its second Elvis Festival to draw a record 22,000 visitors to town generating a local spend of $11m. All departments of Council are involved in the hosting of this world renowned event. Trundle’s ABBA Festival also enjoyed a massive increase to attract 4,500 visitors.

Sport and leisure

Recreational and sporting groups welcomed an injection of grant funding. Projects included the completion of a second international standard synthetic hockey field Turf 2 ($1.3m), new playgrounds for the townships and pool upgrades for Parkes, Trundle and Tullamore. Council also completed and adopted a new Pedestrian and Cycling Plan and Health Precinct Plan to complement the new Parkes hospital.


A new urban wetland has been completed within Parkes, fast tracked with three grants to deliver an environmental success story in partnership with the community.

Safety and efficiency

Council also delivered massive improvements to its processes and safety with new innovative approaches to recording and storing information which have resulted in a reduction of safety incidents in the past 12 months. A business improvement process has been embraced by all departments to deliver better customer ‘value’ to its ratepayers. Council is working towards 4801 accreditation. Council has also met its own target of a 10% trainee component of its workforce.


Parkes Shire Council has continued to work with neighbouring shires and regional organisations including CENTROC and Regional Development Australia to prioritise roads, infrastructure projects and services required for the region as a whole.

Grants and awards

Successful grant submissions have added an extra $2m for Council projects and an extra $343,000 for local community organisations.

A number of awards have acknowledged Council’s outstanding projects and programs undertaken over the past 12 months for successful outcomes delivered from all departments of Council including gold for the Elvis Festival at the Regional Tourism Awards.