Road projects and improvements

Maintain the Shire's road and footpath assets to ensure safety and efficiency for users.

Parkes Shire Council strives to ensure our local road infrastructure is maintained and improved to ensure safety and efficiency for our road users. Road maintenance is the largest budget expenditure item within Council and is managed through a strategic roads program that is funded by local, state and federal government agencies. The roads program can be impacted by weather events, traffic and other environmental factors which results in change of priorities to the program to ensure the best outcomes for the overall road network.

Currently after excessive rain events and flooding recently, Council continues to undertake road inspections to assess damage to the road network caused by the prolonged wet weather events. With over 2,000km of roads we are asking for the public's help to report damage to roads, so these can be assessed, prioritised and added to the road maintenance schedule.

There are two ways the community can report damage to roads or other council assets.

Phone: Engineering Department 02 6861 2344

Council encourages you to send as much detail as possible, including the name of the road and photos of the problem.

When reporting a damaged road or Council asset, please provide as much information as to the location of the damage. Please also make sure you provide Council your contact details so that we can advise you of the course of action to be undertaken.

Road Works

Road construction and maintenance being undertaken by Council

Here you will find a list of current road works being undertaken by Parkes Shire Council to improve and maintain the Shire's road network and service new developments.

Current Road Work Projects

A significant amount of works has been undertaken to maintain and improve the Shire's road assets and footpath network.

Download the snapshot of the works recently completed in the 2015-16 financial year.

Some of the highlights include the completion of 7km of upgrades to MR350 (Bogan Way), upgrade and widening of Middle Trundle Road and over 2,500sqm of footpaths laid.

For more information about current major road work projects, visit the current major projects  page on our website.

Footpath works

Maintaining and improving the Shire's large pathways network.

Council maintains over 48,000 square metres of footpath asset throughout the Shire. Over 2,500 square metres has undergone recent upgrades and widening for shared footpath and cycle access with more upgrades planned.

These planned works are in line with Council's Pedestrian and Cycling Strategy which was prepared in consultation with the community and key user groups to ensure the correct mix of footpath connections, new shared paths, cycling routes and mobility access that appeals to all stages of life for our residents.

Kerb & gutter

Improving the Shire's kerb and gutter assets for roads and footpaths.

Kerb and gutter are part of the road asset. Council currently maintains approximately 138km of kerb and gutter length within Parkes Shire.

Generally, for new developments or works, residents are required to contribute half the cost of kerb and gutter works in most cases. Council's kerb and gutter budget allocation includes funding for providing vehicle entrances.

For further information, contact Council's Engineering Services Department on 02 6861 2344.

Request for works

Inspections and prioritisation to best meet the needs of the road network.

In the past, works such as gravel re-sheeting have been included in a program following requests from residents. While this will continue, the main emphasis for program development will be on inspection of the network and prioritisation of required works to best meet the needs of the network rather than individual cases.

To find out more about the current roads program and priorities, contact Council's Engineering Services team on 02 6861 2344.