Masterplans and strategies

Planning for the future of our community and our assets.

Parkes Shire Council has embarked upon an ambitious journey of community consultation to ensure Council best meets the community's needs long term. This has resulted in a series of masterplans which will set the direction for sustainable development of the Shire.

CBD Vibrancy Strategy

The Parkes CBD Vibrancy Strategy has been prepared to visualise the possibilities and opportunities for the CBD to allow for more informed decisions on what improvements should be made to the town centre in the future and to stimulate areas that lack vibrancy.

Parkes Regional Airport Masterplan

The Parkes Regional Airport Masterplan provides a focussed framework for the development of the airport over the next 20 years (and beyond) and represents future facilities that will satisfy potential air traffic demand and economic growth opportunities. It also ensures compatibility with user needs and regulatory obligations including safety and security.

To find out more about the Parkes Regional Airport Masterplan, please contact Council Economic and Business Development Manager, Anna Wyllie on 02 6861 2333.

Henry Parkes Centre Masterplan

Parkes Shire Council has prepared a Masterplan to guide the immediate, short term and long term development of the Henry Parkes Centre to ensure it continues to develop as a major tourism attraction for the region, attracting increased visitation and new visitor markets.

Parks and Recreational Precincts

Council is committed to providing quality leisure opportunities and is responsible for the maintenance and development of parks, gardens and reserves (passive recreation) within Parkes Shire. A number of masterplans have been developed for the parks and playgrounds listed below:

Bushmans Hill Masterplan

Armstrong Park Masterplan

Adventure Playground Masterplan

Skate Park Masterplans

Council continues to manage, maintain and plan for the future development of skate parks throughout the Shire.

Parkes Skate Park

Peak Hill Skate Park

Trundle Skate Park

Tullamore Skate Park

Sporting Facilities and Precincts

Parkes Shire has a strong sporting culture and Council is committed to future planning and development of our sporting assets.

Spicer Oval Masterplan

Lindner Oval Reserve Masterplan

Harrison Park Masterplan

Cheney - McGlynn Park Masterplan

Woodward Park Masterplan

Berryman Oval Reserve Masterplan

Pola Park Masterplan