Process for Tenders and Quotations

Policies that ensure fairness and accountability for potential suppliers.

Parkes Shire Council delivers a diverse range of services and projects which deliver progress and value to the community. Council is committed to ensuring a fair, transparent and accountable process in the purchase of goods and the contracting of services.

The process for tendering, quotations and expressions of interest is prescribed by legislation, and Council is required to conduct its activities in accordance. Council maintains a Procurement & Disposal Policy which governs this process.

In addition to the Procurement Policy, Council also maintains a Local Preference Purchasing Policy designed to give local suppliers greater opportunities to seek Council business.

Prospective vendors should also be familiar with Council's WHS Policy Statement and Contractor Health and Safety Requirements prior to compiling their submission.

Parkes Shire Council uses a range of methods to manage its tendering and quotation process including direct quotes from suppliers and e-tendering tools including TenderLink and Vendor Panel. The electronic procurement platforms have been designed to improve the speed and efficiency for both Council and our suppliers.

Vendors wishing to lodge a submission for any of Council's projects are required to register with the relevant portal and then make their submissions through the appropriate e-tendering tool.


The contracts currently out for tender or RFQ submission can be accessed directly through Tenderlink.

To use this system and to access the tenders being called by Parkes Shire Council, you must first be a registered Supplier. To register, please visit the Parkes Shire Council Tenderlink website.

Vendor Panel

Local Government Procurement's (LGP) Vendor Panel, including the Local Supplier Marketplace.

Vendor Panel respondents are urged to use their email link to respond to any requests for quotation.

Local Supplier Marketplace

Council has joined the ‘Local Supplier Marketplace’ for the purchasing of goods and services where Council does not have any current arrangements.  The 'Marketplace' is an online tool that will make it easier and fairer for local businesses to be aware of opportunities to work with Council.

Suppliers register in the system in advance and when Council staff are looking to purchase particular categories of goods and services, they may send out a request for quote.  Local suppliers can respond by submitting quotes and Council will be able to evaluate the winning bidder. This provides Council with a transparent and open process to better engage with local businesses and support the local economy.

The system is free for suppliers, with no fees for signing up, receiving notifications or submitting quotes. To register, go to the Local Supplier Marketplace section of the Vendor Panel website.

Current Contracts

Parkes Shire Council wishes to invite organisations to bid for the supply of the undermentioned goods and/or services listed here:

Site Management Services for the Parkes Waste Facility

Parkes Shire Council is inviting tenders for the Site Management Services of the Parkes Waste Facility located at Parkes NSW. The scope of works includes transfer station management, the placement, compaction and covering of waste materials, resource recovery, litter control and related landfill operational tasks.

It is intended that the Contract to be awarded will be for a period of ten (10) years commencing on 1 April 2017 and concluding on 31 March 2027.

Parkes Shire Council uses E-Tendering for its Tenders. Interested parties are required to register via the E-tendering Portal to download documents. If you experience difficulties accessing the above website please call the Tenderlink helpdesk on 1800 233 533.

Tenders close at 4:00pm on 7 February 2017.

For enquiries please contact Mr Steven Campbell, Director Planning and Environment on 02 6861 2333.