Billabong Creek is getting a makeover courtesy of environmental remediation works that commenced at Lake Endeavour Dam last month.

The restoration work follows the 2016 Lake Endeavour Dam Safety Upgrades in which the dam wall was reinforced to both strengthen the dam and increase its capacity. Waterways downstream from the construction area were affected during the safety upgrades, and while environmental remediation was undertaken as part of the initial construction, extreme weather events have caused additional damage to the creek.

Parkes Shire Council's Director Infrastructure Andrew Francis said that the new rehabilitation works will give the environment the help it needs to recover from challenging climactic conditions.

"During the last flooding of Lake Endeavour, parts of the Billabong Creek were severely impacted and valuable wildlife habitat was lost," Mr Francis explained. "The work we are undertaking at the moment will rehabilitate the area and ensure that future overtopping events don’t produce the same damage."

The $150,000 program of works will span approximately four weeks. Remediation works include excavation to correct slopes, installation of rock erosion barriers, redressing and seeding disturbed soil with appropriate seed and tubestock, as well as restoring the access track.

Council scheduled the work for Autumn to take advantage of the more temperate weather which will encourage the plantings to grow. The bulk of the creek bank re-shaping and earthworks are already completed, and work is expected to finish by mid-April.

"The works will ensure our raw water assets and natural environment are effectively maintained, and are available for Parkes Shire residents to enjoy well into the future," Mr Francis said.