Aqualife Explorers – Sustainable Oceans

>Aqualife Explorers – Sustainable Oceans

Aqualife Explorers – Sustainable Oceans

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Tuesday 16 April 2019

Parkes Library will be hosting the Aqualife Explorers.

This is an interactive event designed for the whole family. The Parkes Library team is excited to be able to offer a family friendly event during these school holidays.   The motto of Aqualife is "If you can't go to the ocean, let the ocean come to YOU!"

We will be offering two sessions, one at 10:30am and the other 1:30pm. These sessions go for one hour and will give you opportunity to interact with live sea creatures such as a Port Jackson shark, Puffer fish and Pencil urchins.

Places are limited so you need to come into Parkes Shire Library and book in all who are attending at a cost of $2 per person. Children up to kindergarten must be accompanied by a parent.

For more information, contact Parkes Library on 6861 2309,

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