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Parkes Shire Council is once again calling on local community members to spend 20 minutes in their backyards or local outdoor spaces this October and count the birds they see for the Aussie Backyard Bird Count, during National Bird Week from 21-27 October.

Using the specially designed Aussie Backyard Bird Count app, which helps people identify local birds based on size, colour and location, the aim is to count more than three million birds in seven days.

"Council is always excited to support the Aussie Backyard Bird Count" said Council's Environmental and Sustainability Coordinator Michael Chambers. "It’s a great opportunity for people of all ages to get outside into nature and participate in this fun activity which provides valuable data about the birdlife in our region, state and country."

Members of the community are encouraged to become citizen scientists during National Bird Week, not only to help BirdLife Australia but also to help Parkes Shire Council find out more about the birds that live within our Shire boundary. With exceptional avifauna on offer, residents can count anywhere they can find Australian birds, anytime of the day or night.

“With a range of birds returning to parks, reserves, schools and backyards over spring, this is the perfect time for anyone to enjoy nature and participate in the bird count" said Mr Chambers.

Last year 30 observers participated in the bird count within the Parkes Shire (down from 48 in 2018), recording a total of 1834 individual birds across 79 bird species. The iconic Galah led the tally, followed by the introduced House Sparrow, while the Crested Pigeon, Apostlebird and Rainbow Lorikeet rounded out the top five. Out of 79 species recorded in the Parkes Shire in 2018, only 5 are introduced species.

The Aussie Backyard Bird Count app is easy to download and use, and local counters will be able to see live statistics and information on who is taking part nationally and nearby, and the number of birds and species being counted, through the app and website.

Parkes has several great local birding spots including Bushmans Dam, PAC Park, Memorial Hill, Bumberry Dam and Bushmans Hill. "Goobang National Park, one of Parkes Shire's greatest natural assets, is also a fantastic space for birdwatching, and now is the perfect time to go bushwalking there" said Mr Chambers.

Join one of Australia’s largest citizen science projects at or join the conversation with #AussieBirdCount