Parkes Shire Council is pleased to announce the winners of the first inaugural Biodiversity in Focus photography competition.

We were overwhelmed with the number of photos entered from students across the Parkes Shire, with a broad range of fauna and flora included. In total, 57 images of native plants, animals or fungi were submitted from locals across the K-2, 3-6 and 7-12 categories.

To select winners in each division, we invited local naturalists, Peter Cannon and Martin Bell, from the Lachlan Valley Branch of the National Parks Association of NSW, to judge the entries.

Mr Bell remarked, "We were impressed with the quality of photography and the selection of interesting and diverse subject matter.

“We understand that, unfortunately, there can only be one winner from each division. Nevertheless, all the entrants should be congratulated on some fine photography,” added Mr Bell.


Brydee Flavel, Flynn Davis, Joey Hazelton, Saige Jelbart, Jayda Francis, Alexis Lewis, Bradley Lewis, Charlotte Ballantyne, Chase Francis, Emma Hando, Jenson Howard, Rosie Parkin, Samara Wood, Peggy Swift, Adam Barnard, Cooper Holloway, Haylee Lewis and Lilia Howard.



+ Infant’s division: “Broken Heart Tree surrounded by Yellow Paperdaisy” by Jayda Francis.
View this submission here.

+ Primary division: “Yellow Paper Daisy with a Bull Ant” by Chase Francis.
View this submission here.

+ High School division: “Land of the ‘Shrooms” by Adam Barnard.
View this submission here.



+ Infant’s division

“Bluey the Blue Tongue” by Flynn Davis. Flynn wrote: “It was crossing the road to the football field, and we wanted to make sure it got across safely. It had a really beautiful light blue tongue."
View the winning image here.

+ Primary division

“Hang in there” by Peggy Swift. Peggy wrote: “This Peron’s Tree Frog (Litoria peronii) is a native frog to the Parkes area. It’s also known as the Laughing Tree Frog. It has cross-shaped eyes, emerald spots and yellow armpits."
View the winning image here.

+ High School division

“A Curious Owl” by Cooper Holloway. Cooper wrote: “this Eastern Barn Owl was perched up in a kurrajong tree on our farm."
View the winning image here.

Congratulations to our winners and a sincere thank you to all of the talented young residents who participated in this competition. We encourage budding photographers from all age groups to keep their eyes peeled for interesting plants, fungi and animals to enter in next year’s competition.