Buying or Selling a Property

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Property sale and purchase

Certification required for buying and selling property

Buying and selling property can be an exciting, yet complex, process.

Parkes Shire Council encourages the use of qualified professionals when buying or selling a home.

When purchasing or selling your home, there are a number of certificates that are required, or recommended, for transfer to take place.

Outstanding Notices Certificates

An Outstanding Notice Certificate outlines whether any outstanding notices or orders have been issued by Council in respect of land within the Council’s area.

An outstanding notice or order can be for a number of things including, an overgrown block, failure to pay rates or perhaps illegal building works.

There are two different types of Outstanding Notice Certificates:

  • Section 735A Certificate – Section 735A of the Local Government Act 1993
  • Section 121ZP Certificate – Section 121ZP of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

To apply, complete an Outstanding Notices Certificate Application Form via the MyParkes portal. 

Planning Certificates

Planning certificates provide information about planning controls or property issues relating to any piece of land within the Local Government Area. A planning certificate contains information correct on the day of issue because planning controls can change at any time.

There are two types of Section 10.7 Planning Certificates issued under the Conveyancing Act 1919:

  • Section 10.7(2) Certificate provides information about the zoning of the property, the relevant state, regional and local planning controls and other property issues such as land contamination and road widening.
  • Sections 10.7(2) + (5) Certificate provides both the information available in a Section 10.7(2) certificate and additional information such as advice from other authorities, development approvals and refusals and easements where Council has information available.

To apply, complete a Planning Certificate Application via the MyParkes portal. 

For more information about the planning process, visit Council's What is the Planning Process page.

Building Information Certificates

A Building Certificate indicates whether a building has been constructed in accordance with the required approvals. It also indicates whether any part of a building requires demolition.

Building certificates are issued under Section 6.24 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

To apply, download and complete a Section 6.24 Building Information Certificate application and return to Parkes Shire Council.

For more information, visit Council's Construction page.

Drainage Diagrams

A Drainage Diagram shows the location of the house’s internal and external service lines and the location of the Council’s sewer mains. If Council does not have a drainage diagram showing these details then a diagram will be issued showing the location of Council’s sewer main and the junction to the property.

For properties that are not connected to Council’s sewer infrastructure, a drainage diagram will be issued indicating whether or not it is serviced by an on-site sewage management system.

To apply, complete a Drainage Diagram Application Form via the MyParkes portal. 

For more information, visit Council's Plumbing Application Process page.

Swimming Pool Certificates

Properties sold with a swimming pool must have either:

  • A certificate of compliance; or
  • A relevant occupation certificate and a certificate of registration; or
  • A certificate of non-compliance.

A Certificate of Compliance will be issued following an inspection. To arrange an inspection, complete a Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Application via the MyParkes portal.

For more information, visit Council's Swimming Pool Development page. 

Rating information for purchasers

Council provides information to buyers and legal representatives to determine rating information at the time of settlement of a property sale.

The application to request this information is known as Section 603 Application which is available via the MyParkes portal. 

Water Billing information for purchasers 

Council provides information to buyers and legal representatives to determine water billing information at the time of settlement of a property sale. Council will read the meter and provide an estimate of the water charges due at that time.

The application to request this information is known as a Water Meter Reading Certificate, which is available via the MyParkes portal.

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