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A Safe and Healthy Community

Ensuring public health through consultation, promotion, education, inspections and enforcement.

Parkes Shire Council is committed to the highest standard of public health and ensuring a safe healthy environment for the community. Council promotes those standards with coordinated inspections, appropriate enforcement and continuing education.

Health regulation and approvals apply to Food Businesses, Temporary Food Premises, Swimming Pools & Spas and Hazardous Materials.

Food poisoning - take it seriously!

Food poisoning affects more than four million Australians every year and can range from mild to fatal in the worst case and it needs to be taken seriously in order to reduce people's risk of being affected.

That's the message of the Food Safety Information Council's Australian Food Safety Week that runs from 10 to 17 November 2018.

Acting CEO of the NSW Food Authority, Eric Davis, drew attention to the Listeria outbreak associated with rockmelons that occurred earlier this, using this as an example of how vulnerable sections of the community should avoid high risk foods.

A list of vulnerable groups, high risk foods and general food safety tips is available on the Food Safety website.

Parkes Shire Health Council

Parkes Shire Health Council was established to encourage community input into health care in their own locality, involve the community in the health care planning process, and to make better use of the health care dollar by enlisting local knowledge.

For further information about the role of the Parkes Health Council see the Health, Safety and Wellbeing section of the website.

Health & Safety

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