Preserving our Heritage

Protecting our heritage for future generations.

Council is committed to preserving the Shire's heritage and through protection and identification of landmarks, buildings and stories of heritage significance.

What is heritage?

Heritage is the evidence of the past, such as unspoilt natural environment, historical sites, Aboriginal sites, buildings, works, relics, or places considered collectively as the inheritance of present-day society and that the community would like to protect for future generations.

Heritage listings

Parkes has two heritage items of State significance and nine items of local significance listed under Schedule 5 (Part 1) in the Parkes Local Environmental Plan 2012. Properties that possess a unique historical, scientific, cultural, social, archaeological, architectural, natural or aesthetic value are recognised through heritage listing as being worthy of conservation and retention.

Heritage items are listed on the State Heritage Register if the item is of State heritage significance or in a Local Environmental Plan if the item is of local heritage significance. The only additional obligation which heritage listing imposes on property owners is to obtain Development Consent for some types of development that would otherwise not require consent.

What does the heritage listing of a property mean?

  • Heritage significance is recognised by law.
  • Brings greater certainty that future changes will be sympathetic.
  • Physical changes may need approval.
  • Conversion to new uses may need approval.
  • Does not oblige owners to restore or open their place to the public.
  • Owners can apply for heritage grants.

For more information on the State Heritage Register for state listed heritage items, please visit the NSW Heritage Branch website: Office of Environment and Heritage or view the NSW Heritage Branch publication Heritage listing explained: What it means for you

Heritage Conservation Areas

Parkes has no heritage conservation areas listed under Schedule 5 (Part 1) in the Parkes Local Environmental Plan 2012.

Heritage Advisory Service

The Heritage Advisory Service offers free professional advice from Council's Heritage Advisor, who visits Parkes each month.

Free advice is available to owners who want to renovate or redevelop private homes or commercial buildings. This advice can include the topics of colour scheme, extensions, verandahs, awnings and fences as well as more comprehensive advice on the integration of new development in older areas. The advice is of a general nature and should be considered as the starting point for more extensive work that may require an architect, builder or designer.

For more information, or to make an appointment, please contact Council’s Planning & Environment Department on (02) 6861 2373.

Heritage Grants

The Local Heritage Assistance Fund is offered on an annual basis to provide financial support for owners of heritage listed items or properties within conservation areas to assist with the maintenance of their properties. Applications are open each year between July and September and offered on a dollar for dollar basis.

Heritage Interpretation Plan

Council endorsed the development of a Heritage Interpretation Plan for the Parkes Shire to provide a consistent approach to the development heritage trails and interpretation of significant sites, stories, buildings, and landmarks across Parkes Shire.

The heritage interpretation plan will enable Council to promote the Shire’s heritage items and stories to the benefit of visitors and the community.

All communities in the Parkes Shire expressed a desire to erect interpretive signage to showcase their history and heritage and add a new tourism experience.

The plan provides a framework for the development of a History Trail Product and a style guide for heritage interpretation including themes, locations, orientation and materials for interpretive way finding and regulatory signage as well as interpretation of significant sites/stories and consolidation of these into a Heritage Trail product.