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Compliance for Plumbing and Drainage Works

Plumbing and drainage works must comply with current legislative requirements and regulations. Find out about the types of plumbing and drainage works that require Parkes Shire Council approval, including how to go about getting approval and arranging inspections.

Plumbing Application Process

NSW Plumbing Reforms Apply to Parkes Shire Council for approvals on plumbing and draining projects. From 1 January 2013 Fair Trading became the state’s single […]

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Plumbing Approvals and Inspections

Water, Sewer and Drainage Approvals Council is responsible for approvals and inspections of works. Section 68 Approvals – Local Government Act 1993 Plumbing and drainage […]

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Liquid Trade Waste

Liquid Trade Waste Disposal of Liquid Trade Waste. Liquid Trade Waste is any discharge to a sewerage system, produced by a business, commercial or industrial […]

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Connection to Stormwater Approval to connect to a Council main, gutter or channel. Works relating to stormwater construction apply to Section 68 of the Local […]

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Water Tanks

Rainwater Tanks Conserving our precious water supplies – be water wise. More residents across Parkes Shire are looking to harvest rainwater by installing tanks, not […]

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Sewerage, Greywater & Septics

Sewerage, Greywater and Septics These are all works that require approval from Council. Sewerage and septic systems are works that apply to Section 68 of […]

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Point of connection

Plumbing Industry Definitions The point of connection for onsite plumbing and draining work. The term ‘point of connection’ is used to refer to a common […]

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Frequently Asked Questions Regulations and compliance for plumbing and drainage works. Plumbers in regional NSW IMPORTANT – The arrangements outlined in this section apply to […]

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