Liquid Trade Waste

Disposal of Liquid Trade Waste.

Liquid Trade Waste is any discharge to a sewerage system, produced by a business, commercial or industrial activity, other than domestic waste from a hand wash basin, shower, bath or toilet.

Sewerage systems are designed to safely collect, transfer and treat wastewater that is mostly of domestic origin. However, sewerage systems may also accept liquid trade waste discharges provided they are planned and controlled within acceptable limits.

Parkes Shire Council is responsible for providing and managing water supply, sewerage and liquid trade waste services for its community. An important part of those responsibilities is the approval and monitoring of liquid trade waste discharges to its sewerage system in accordance with the Liquid Trade Waste Regulation Guidelines and Council's Trade Waste Policy Water has a web page dedicated to Liquid Trade Waste including the Regulations, Policies and Guidelines.

Managing Liquid Trade Waste

Parkes Shire Council may accept liquid trade waste into its sewerage system as a service to businesses and industry.

Sound trade waste management is needed to:

  • Protect community assets - sewer mains, pumping stations and sewage treatment facilities from damage by trade waste.
  • Protect the environment – some substances, such as metals or pesticides, may pass through the treatment facility unchanged and accumulate in the environment. Other substances may adversely affect the biological processes and the quality of the treated effluent and bio-solids.
  • Protect public and worker health and safety – people working in and around the sewerage system can be harmed if toxic substances are discharged into the sewer.

Impacts of poor liquid trade management include:

  • Grease, oil, solid material, if not removed on-site, can cause blockages in the sewerage system and result in overflows of untreated sewerage to the environment.
  • Strong waste may cause odour problems and corrosion of assets.

Approval to Discharge Liquid Trade Waste

Businesses or government agencies proposing to discharge liquid trade waste to a council sewer must first seek approval from Parkes Shire Council by completing an Application for Liquid Trade Waste Discharge Approval Form.

To make an application or to discuss any aspect of liquid trade waste, contact Council's Engineering Department on (02) 6861 2343.