Water, Sewer and Drainage Approvals

Council is responsible for approvals and inspections of works.

Section 68 Approvals - Local Government Act 1993

Plumbing and drainage projects require Council approval to ensure it complies with relevant standards.

Council approval is required under the provisions of Section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993 for the following work:

  • Water supply work
  • Sewerage work
  • Stormwater drainage work
  • On-site waste water management system serving the site
  • Installation of a manufactured home or moveable dwelling
  • Solid fuel heaters

Residents must download and submit a Plumbing and Drainage Application Form to Council prior to the work being carried out.


The following water, sewer and drainage work covered by a Notice of Work (NoW) are required to be inspected by Council on behalf of NSW Fair Trading:

  • All external drainage including the point of connection to the Parkes Shire Sewer Main
  • All internal drainage
  • Water supply work is finished and before cladding walls and or ceilings
  • Alterations and additions to existing drainage work that did not comply in any earlier inspections
  • Any work on an alternative water supply system (for example recycled water plumbing, greywater/blackwater treatment systems)
  • When the work is complete. This happens when all fixtures are fitted and connected, including correct termination of overflow gullies, inspection shafts, boundary traps, vents and inspection openings.

A minimum of two days notice is required when booking inspections to be carried out by authorised Parkes Shire Council Officers.