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The Inland Rail Solution

The Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail will be the critical backbone of transport and logistics driving our nation's global competitiveness into the future

In one of the biggest investments ever seen in regional Australia, the Government will fund the  Melbourne  to Brisbane  Inland  Rail  project  with  $8.4 billion  in equity  to be provided  to the Australian Rail Track Corporation. Construction on this 1,700 kilometre project will begin in 2017-18.

The Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail line will transform freight movement in Australia and create outstanding investment opportunities in Parkes which has been announced as a major node on the rail line.

The Inland Rail will connect our region to a global market via the major ports of Australia, placing the Central West region into an economically advantageous position once the project comes into fruition.

In addition to employment and investment opportunities, the establishment of a National Logistics Hub in Parkes will offer cheaper, faster and more efficient modal choices, and offer a centralised storage and distribution point for a range of commodities including agricultural products.

Parkes - a critical node on the Inland Rail Route

Small Business Minister, Michael McCormack MP was recently quoted whilst talking about Inland Rail and Parkes, as saying 'Parkes is the centre of the universe' (in relation to transport and logistics).

Due to its strategic location at the intersection of the Newell Highway in NSW and the rail corridor that links Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, as well as Adelaide and Darwin, Parkes will play a critical role in the 1,700 kilometre freight rail system.

Over 80 per cent of Australia’s population can be reached in less than 12 hours by road from Parkes – a valuable competitive advantage for companies that develop logistics, distribution and manufacturing operations in the town.

“Inland Rail will be a catalyst to change freight movement in Australia. Parkes is at the centre of that change and represents a significant opportunity for business to take advantage of improvements in freight efficiency.”

~ Parkes Shire Council Mayor Ken Keith, OAM.

Key Benefits of Inland Rail

Parkes - a hub of opportunity

Parkes is moving quickly to capitalise on the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland rail. The Parkes National Logistics Hub, the largest greenfield intermodal site in NSW, is one of Australia’s most promising industrial developments and a project of strategic importance to the freight industry.

“Parkes Shire Council is a progressive, smart and innovative organisation that embraces new ideas and has adopted a philosophy of continuous improvement. We are not experts in transport, logistics or manufacturing, but we are experts in collaboration, advocacy and facilitation. Our aim is to connect businesses with opportunity.”

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