Hub Investment opportunities

Major investment opportunities are available for businesses looking to capitalise on Parkes’ strategic potential for logistics, manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Situated in NSW’s rich agricultural heartland, Parkes is ideally suited for the agricultural sector to value add, including processing facilities, centralised storage and distribution point for fertiliser, chemicals and fuel among other commodities and products.

The National Logistics Hub in Parkes will offer cheaper, faster and more efficient modal choices, and outstanding employment and investment opportunities for:

  • Logistics and transport operations
  • Locomotive and truck industries
  • National FMCG distributors
  • Centralised storage and warehousing
  • Manufacturing

The site has been designed for 24 hour, seven days per week operation of a multi-modal transport facility. Currently 16 million people or over 80% of the Australian population can be reached in less than 12 hours by road from Parkes. The National Logistics hub boasts three main investors Pacific National, SCT Logistics and Linfox.

“We don’t pretend to be experts in logistics or manufacturing but we are very good at collaboration. As Development Concierge we have the information and know the synergies. We try to put people together to create competitive advantage for businesses.”

Kent Boyd – General Manager, Parkes Shire Council. 


“For investors, SCT can make things happen.”

Glenn Smith - SCT Logistics CEO

SCT Logistics is Australia’s largest privately owned rail freight operating business in Australia today.

With around 300 hectares of prime land, SCT Logistics is one of the largest landholders in the Parkes National Logistics Hub and their terminal represented its first stage of development. It incorporates:

  • Transit warehouse/rail cross docking
  • Canopy covering 9,693m2
  • 6 kilometres of rail infrastructure
  • Container park covering 3,000m2.

The operation includes enclosed warehousing for cross-docking and long term warehousing and facilitates the delivery of freight by road along the eastern seaboard with a twice-weekly rail service operating between Parkes and Perth.

The site represents the perfect location for companies looking to centralise their distribution network and develop integrated logistics solutions. All major capital cities can be reached in less than 12 hours with Perth accessible in around two days.

“I see Parkes’ future as a great import export hub.”

SCT is in the process of planning for the expansion of its ‘Logistics City’ to form an integral component of the Parkes National Logistics Hub. The staged development will respond to market demand and is flexible to the specific needs of companies.

Purpose built warehouse space

The next stage of planned development on the site may include:

  • Enclosed warehouses
  • Cold store facilities
  • Container storage areas
  • Rail sidings
  • Truck and locomotive workshops

SCT runs some of the largest most efficient freight trains in Australia and currently run 2 trains a week from Parkes to Perth.

“SCT established the Parkes facility in 2006. It’s the first place from Sydney to Perth that allows us to run a 1.8 klm train and double stack intermodal containers…. Once the Inland Rail line is completed, Parkes becomes the central place for railways basically in Australia. I see Parkes future as a great import export hub.”

Glenn Smith - SCT Logistics CEO


“Parkes sits at the epicentre of Australia’s rail freight network, and Pacific National is delighted with our $35 million commitment to start developing the Parkes Logistics Terminal adjacent to the Inland Rail.”

Dean Dalla Valle - CEO, Pacific National.

Pacific National is the largest interstate rail freight carrier in the country and in 2017 they announced one of the biggest private sector investments in freight infrastructure in regional Australia.

“Located at the intersection of the main western railway line running from Sydney to Perth, the future Inland Rail corridor from Melbourne to Brisbane, and the Newell Highway, Parkes is the perfect place to establish a major intermodal freight terminal,” said Pacific National CEO Dean Dalla Valle.

Once fully operational, Pacific National’s Parkes Logistics Terminal will have the capacity to process approximately 450,000 cargo containers each year, including the ability to haul double-stacked containers from Parkes to Perth.

“We’d like to see it up and running by 2019”

Pending local, state and federal planning approvals, construction of Pacific National’s Parkes Logistics Terminal is scheduled to commence by mid-2018, with the first trains hauling freight at the terminal in early 2019. Total future investment in the terminal and associated equipment and rolling stock is expected to be more than $60 million.

“Once we’ve got a terminal of this size, scale, efficiency, there’s no doubt it will be a draw card for more freight to go onto rail.”

Pacific National will be integral to handling additional rail freight volumes that are expected to grow significantly over the next 20 years.

  • 300ha site
  • Extensive rail terminal
  • Intermodal operations
  • Container storage centre
  • National logistics and distribution facilities.

“It will be approximately 600 metres long but in its final form could be up to 1.8 kilometres, which will make it one of the largest sidings in Australia.”

With Inland Rail, it will allow freight to be moved east-west and north-south by rail through Parkes. This will transform the transport of freight throughout Australia and represents an opportunity for all companies with national distribution and transport networks.


"Linfox’s significant presence in Parkes over the last 20 years confirms our position and future in the area.

We see Parkes as strategically important to servicing our customers. As a major Intermodal Hub, it continues to deliver a strategic advantage for future opportunities."

Ian Strachan - President, Linfox Intermodal

Linfox is Australia’s largest privately owned logistics company.

With more than 24,000 people in 12 countries working across five industry sectors including Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Retail, Resources & Industrial, Intermodal and Government & Defence.

The Australian Intermodal team provides long distance distribution services across road, rail and coastal shipping to ensure their customers benefit from the most effective mode of transport.

Linfox Intermodal has maintained a significant presence at the strategically located, multi-modal Parkes Logistics Hub since 1998.

The site and capabilities have grown to expertly service the mining, agribusiness, industrial and FMCG sectors with specialised and efficient rail and road transport, and warehousing facilities.

Linfox offers a number of specialised capabilities from the Parkes Logistics Hub including:

  • Significant site footprint with an additional acreage available for future development
  • Multiple warehouses, one with floor and racking system
  • A rail siding with regular services to Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane
  • A dangerous goods facility
  • Six day a week operations with capability for seven days as required
  • Over-dimensional rail capability to and from Western Australia and South Australia