Transport Infrastructure

Road + rail + air, it all adds up.

Parkes is one of the most strategically significant locations in the future of transport and logistics in Australia.

Parkes boasts well developed transport infrastructure, with 7.3% of the Full-time Equivalent (FTE) employment in Parkes is in Transport, Postal and Warehousing. The sector adds about $60 million value to the local economy, amounting to 7.7% of Gross Regional Profit (GRP).

Parkes Shire Council, in partnership with the community, works to ensure a safe, efficient and effective regional transport network with assets maintained to an agreed standard fit for their contemporary purpose.

Parkes Shire Council, with the approval from the State Government, has rezoned 516 hectares of agricultural and industrial land on the western edge of the town for the development of the Parkes National Logistics Hub.The site has been specifically zoned for the 24 hour, 7 days per week operation of the multi-modal transport facility.


The Newell Highway is the major arterial linking Melbourne and Brisbane and runs through Parkes at the midway point. Parkes is also easily accessible to Sydney by road by either the Great Western Highway or Bells line of Road. Road access to the Hub will be greatly improved with the Parkes Newell Highway bypass.


Parkes is strategically situated on the Transcontinental Railway linking Sydney, Adelaide and Perth. Parkes is also the most eastern point where trains can double stack to the west of the country.


Parkes has its own regional airport servicing Sydney which is approximately 45 minutes by air. Regional Express Airlines (REX) operates three return flights between Sydney and Parkes on weekdays.


Parkes is currently linked by rail to all of the New South Wales ports including Port of Newcastle, Port of Botany and Port Kembla. Some of these connections could be improved by including double stacking into Newcastle, improvements to the line to Port Botany and upgrades to Port Kembla from Moss Vale.