With recent rain and warmer weather providing ideal conditions for wild vegetation growth across the Shire, Council is reminding the community about the health and safety risks of overgrown blocks and verges coming into summer.

Council is responsible for the maintenance and safety of public land, however they are urging property owners within Parkes Shire to understand their responsibilities for their private property maintenance including vacant blocks, nature strips and laneways.

It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure their property does not become a fire hazard or provide a place for vermin to live and breed. This also includes keeping properties free from long grass and vegetation, as well as waste.

Parkes Shire Council's Director Planning & Environment Brendan Hayes said, "Properties must be maintained so that they don't become untidy, creating a threat to public health and safety."

"Often property owners are unaware that their lack of property maintenance is causing a problem. Usually the owners are happy to address the problem that is impacting on neighbouring and surrounding landowners after being notified."

Council regularly receives complaints from residents concerning overgrown blocks perceived as being fire hazards, are also aesthetically displeasing, harbour vermin or simply impact on views.

"We encourage residents to talk to their neighbours, where possible, about the problem and to seek a mutually suitable solution. Please note that Council is unable to release property contact details.

Council has certain powers under the Local Government Act to take action in a limited set of circumstances. The circumstances that are set out in the legislation must exist and be able to be proven to enable Council to take enforcement action.

Director Works and Services Ben Howard said, "Nature strips in front of and adjacent to residential, commercial or industrial properties, other government facilities including schools and hospitals are not the responsibility of Council to maintain.

"We're committed to ensuring that the streetscape within the Parkes Shire is of a standard that improves local amenities, minimises public safety risks and maintains pedestrian access."

For more information regarding overgrown and untidy properties, please contact the Council's Planning and Environment Department on 02 6861 2373.