Peak Hill Waste & RecyclingTransfer Station

Access from Rouse Road, approximately 1.2km east of town

Opening Hours

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 1:00pm - 4:30pm


The transfer station is closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Services, Fees and Charges

The Peak Hill Waste & Recycling Transfer Station located accepts domestic waste disposal, green waste disposal and recycling disposal.

From August 1st, this service will incur a small user pay charge, which will facilitate the management of the facility, long term maintenance, environmental monitoring and effective recovery and processing of recyclable waste. Download the Waste Disposal Fees and Charges Guide here.

There is no charge for domestic recycling and scrap metal including car bodies, fridges and expired gas bottles.

For disposal of commercial quantities of motor oil, please contact Cleanaway Waste Management - 0411 019 225.

All other waste disposal needs to be directed to the Parkes Waste Facility.

A free Drum Muster recycling service operates for cleaned agricultural and veterinary chemical drums (both plastic and steel). All drums must be triple rinsed prior to arrival and are accepted by arrangement on a campaign basis.

For any waste inquiries please call the Parkes Shire Council Planning & Environment Department on 6861 2373.

Peak Hill Can Assist

Peak Hill Can Assist has donated four SULO bins to the entrance of the Peak Hill Waste Facility so aluminium cans can be deposited by the community to raise money for the local branch.

Can Assist would appreciate separation of your aluminium cans and drop off into the bins provided which will help raise funds for this valuable community resource.