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Waste Management

A strategy designed to minimise waste and its environmental impact

Parkes Shire Council aims to minimise the volume of waste going into landfill, provide environmentally friendly waste management facilities with improved operational and environmental performance, and to encourage recycling and resource recovery.

The Parkes Shire Council Waste Management Strategy 2015 was developed to outline the delivery of the key Future Directions of the Parkes Shire Community Strategic Plan 2012-22 relating to waste management.


Councils working together for regional waste management.

NetWaste is a collaborative waste management venture between 27 councils in New South Wales.

NetWaste initiatives serve a population of more than 300,000 and an area of around 317,942 square kilometres, which represents more than a third of NSW.

NetWaste aims to:

  • Establish a waste management model that ensures cost-effective best practice for participating councils
  • Develop education strategies that support this model
  • Undertake specific projects identified through our planning process

The NetWaste Strategic Waste Plan is a coordinated approach to regional waste management and resource recovery.

More information on the services and provided, contact details and education can be found at www.netwaste.org.au

NetWaste Chemical Cleanout

Funded by the Waste Less Recycle More (WLRM) program, the Household Chemical Clean-Out provides $11 million for a partnership program with local councils to support mobile collection services for safe disposal of household chemical products, including household cleaners, pool and hobby chemicals and pesticides.

For enquiries, or to find out when the next Chemical Clean-Out is taking place, contact the Planning and Environment Department on 6861 2373.

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