Water Management & Infrastructure

A clean, safe and secure water supply is essential for the health of our community.

Parkes Shire Council is in the process of upgrading our water supply and treatment infrastructure, strengthening our raw water supply, and increasing our treatment capacity and quality.

These essential upgrades will deliver immediate amenity improvements to residents and ratepayers, while also providing additional environmental benefits through the efficient and sustainable design of the facilities to protect our valuable water resources.

Learn more about our water supply and treatment facilities in this section.

Smart Water

Become water wise Cutting back on your water use not only saves water, but also saves energy, money and the environment. Parkes Shire Council is […]

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Recycled Water Scheme

Parkes Recycled Water Scheme Parkes Shire Council’s new Recycled Water Scheme (RWS) supplies high quality recycled water for open space irrigation sites around Parkes. The […]

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Sewerage Infrastructure

Sewerage Infrastructure Currently Parkes Council owns and operates four (4) Sewage Treatment Works. Peak Hill Sewage Treatment Works The Peak Hill STW was constructed in […]

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Water Management

Managing our water resources Water projects and investment to secure future growth. Secure water supplies are essential for communities to thrive. Being remote from natural […]

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Water Supply Infrastructure

Water Supply Infrastructure Investing in infrastructure to future proof our water supply. Parkes Shire Council is strengthening water security for the Shire through a number […]

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