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Parkes Recycled Water Scheme

Council is implementing a new Recycled Water Scheme (RWS) to supply high quality recycled water for open space irrigation sites around Parkes. The scheme strengthens Parkes’ water security by providing an additional source of water for non-potable (non-drinking) use.

The Recycled Water Scheme (RWS) was undertaken as part of the Parkes Integrated Water Infrastructure Renewal Program. The RWS was officially opened by Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Michael McCormack on 25 October 2019.

Work is currently being undertaken to connect additional sites to the RWS. This involves the connection of existing irrigation systems to the new recycled water rising main. This work is expected to be completed by December 2019.

There is potential to expand the Recycled Water Rising Main to include additional commercial customers in the future. This is dependent on demand, capacity, and financial viability.

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The $20.9m Recycled Water Scheme is jointly funded between the Australian Government and Parkes Shire Council. The Australian Government provided $8,725,000 towards the Parkes Recycled Water Scheme under the National Stronger Regions Fund.

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