Sewerage Infrastructure

Currently Parkes Council owns and operates four (4) Sewage Treatment Works.

Peak Hill Sewage Treatment Works
The Peak Hill STW was constructed in the 1960s and has operated essentially unaltered since that time aside from significant safety works constructed in 2000. The Peak Hill plant is a typical bacteria bed (trickling filter) system.

Tullamore and Trundle Sewage Treatment Works
The Tullamore STW was completed in 2008, and the Trundle STW in 2010, at a combined cost of $1.5 million. Sewering of the two towns was undertaken over the same period costing $5 million. Both the Trundle and Tullamore Sewage Treatment Works are passive oxidation ponds.

Parkes Sewage Treatment Plant
The Parkes Sewage Treatment Plant was completed as part of the mulit-award winning Parkes Integrated Water Infrastructure Renewal Program. The new STP cost $27.5 million and replaces the 80 year-old facility on Nash Street. The new Parkes Sewage Treatment Plant uses an aerobic biological process to produce high quality effluent (treated wastewater) that is safe for discharge to the environment.

An Advanced Water Recycling Facility has been constructed adjacent to the Parkes Sewage Treatment Plant, which provides additional treatment to the effluent, producing high quality recycled water for irrigation.


Sewage Treatment Plant

Parkes Sewage Treatment Plant The new Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) began processing the town’s wastewater on Monday 7 July 2017 and was officially opened on […]

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Parkes Sewage Pump Station & Rising Main

  Parkes Sewage Pump Station & Rising Main The Sewage Pump Station and Rising Main project were constructed in conjunction with the construction of the […]

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