Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Michael McCormack and NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole today officially opened the largest logistics terminal in regional Australia.

Pacific National Chair Russell Smith said the Parkes Logistics Terminal is a great example of what can be achieved when all three levels of government work with the private sector.

“Parkes Shire Council developed the vision for a national logistics hub, the Australian Government supported this vision by starting construction of Inland Rail, and NSW Government has streamlined planning at Parkes by establishing a special activation precinct,” said Mr Smith.

Mr Smith said Pacific National is proud to be part of Parkes, and where possible, the company engaged local businesses and trades to help build this impressive terminal.

During terminal construction 20 local and regional businesses were engaged; including earthwork, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, water cart and catering contractors,” said Mr Smith.

Eighty on-site jobs were generated during peak construction, while 90 workers will be based at the new terminal; including locomotive drivers, train crews, fork lift drivers and administration staff.

Pacific National CEO Dean Dalla Valle said the Australian Government’s Inland Rail project gave the company great confidence to invest an initial $35 million to establish the Parkes terminal.

“Inland Rail is acting as an ‘economic flywheel’ for regional Australia, helping to stimulate private investment during a time of severe drought in NSW,” said Mr Dalla Valle.

Mr Dalla Valle also thanked the NSW Government for establishing the first special activation precinct in the state to help streamline planning processes at Parkes.

“Pacific National would like to think our investment in this critical piece of freight infrastructure has helped, in a small way, alleviate some of the pressures of the drought for businesses in the Parkes district,” said Mr Dalla Valle.

Pacific National acknowledged the dedicated efforts of NSW Office of Regional Economic Development, a division of NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

Mr Dalla Valle said Pacific National had already commenced operating 1,800-metre double-stacked freight trains between Parkes and Perth, providing an efficiency boost in services.

“Once the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project is complete, regional enterprises can use Parkes as a launching pad to haul goods and commodities by rail more efficiently to the ports of Melbourne, Brisbane, Botany and Fremantle,” said Mr Dalla Valle.

Mr Dalla Valle said Pacific National’s next proposed investment was to better connect Parkes to Port Botany via the establishment of a freight hub at St Marys in the heart of Western Sydney.

“The hub will allow long regional freight trains from Parkes to be broken into smaller metro-shuttles to more efficiently access stevedoring terminals at Port Botany,” said Mr Dalla Valle.

Quick facts about Pacific National’s Parkes Logistics Terminal

•Pacific National has committed an initial $35 million to build and establish the terminal, located within the Parkes Shire Council’s National Logistics Hub, and acquire rollingstock (i.e. locomotives and wagons).

• Located at the intersection of the main western railway line running from Sydney to Perth, the future Inland Rail corridor between Melbourne and Brisbane, and the Newell Highway, Parkes is the perfect place to establish an intermodal logistics terminal – a place where trains and trucks meet to exchange/swap over containerised and bulk freight.

• One of the largest private sector investments in freight and logistics infrastructure in regional Australia, helping to give the Australian Government’s 1,700-kilometre Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project added momentum.

• Major construction of Pacific National’s logistics terminal by Coleman Rail commenced in October 2018. Pacific National owns 365-hectares at Parkes – located within the 600-hectare National Logistics Hub.

• More than 50,000 person hours dedicated to delivering the new terminal. Almost 100 pieces of heavy machinery used during construction, 4,500 concrete sleepers laid, 317 cubic metres of concrete poured, and 253 tonnes of aggregate laid.

• Zero incidents or injuries during construction.

• Once fully operational, Parkes Logistics Terminal will have the capacity to process approximately 450,000 shipping containers each year, including the ability to haul double-stacked containers on 1,800-metre long freight trains between Parkes and Perth.

• Pacific National plans for the terminal to be fully operational by 2025 – when the Australian Government’s Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail project is due to be completed.

• 1,800-metre rail sidings at Parkes Logistics Terminal are the longest sidings in Australia for transferring shipping containers between trucks and trains.

• Shipping containers can hold an array of goods and items, including groceries, refrigerated fresh produce and meat, beer and wine, furniture, clothing, building materials, solar panels, and electronics.

• Pacific National is proud to be part of Parkes, including being a major sponsor of the Parkes Elvis Festival and The Henrys (Parkes Chamber of Commerce Business Awards).

Media Release issued by Pacific National.

Media Contact: Melinda Hawkins 0429 687 712