Parkes Shire Library is offering a new form of digital access to our customers at Parkes Library. Hublet is a complete, ready-to-use self-service solution offering loanable tablets in shared spaces, such as the library. Hublet keeps your tablets organised, charged and up to date.

Loan a tablet for use anywhere in the library and complete your banking, emails, book reading or any other digital activity from the comfort of our lounge chairs. This tablet, when docked, will have all personal activities removed, protecting your online privacy and details. All you need is your library card and your password.

Acting Cultural, Education and Library Manager, Andrea Lovell said "this is a tool that can be used in so many different ways including workshops, holiday programs and general every-day use, which helps to support equal access to the digital world for our community".

Hublet is Finnish technology, new to Australia, and supports our libraries to promote digital reading, support digital education for all ages, enhance creative arts, and media education.

"Our library service aims to allow all in our community to have access to information and culture," Andrea added.

Locals are invited to take the opportunity to relax and complete your online activities within a safe, secure and pleasant environment. Staff are available to show how to use the Hublet.