Due to the current wet conditions, all unsealed roads in the Parkes Shire are closed to vehicles over 3 tonne, except school buses, emergency vehicles and Council road plant.

Please note that concessions are possible, on request, for urgent transport activity on routes considered suitable to carry the proposed loadings. Contact Parkes Council's Engineering Services Department on (02) 6861 2343 to discuss the requirements for a concession.

This restriction will apply until 3.00pm Wednesday 31 August 2022. The situation will be reviewed at this time.

Council regrets the inconvenience caused, however, the preservation of the road asset is of prime importance. Motorists are asked to use extreme caution when travelling in the wet weather.

Please avoid walking or driving through flood waters, it may be deeper and faster flowing than anticipated and/or the road may have suffered extensive damage hidden beneath the water.

Enquiries can be directed to Council's Works and Services Department on 6861 2343.