Level 3 Water Restrictions will be imposed on the Parkes Shire Council controlled section of the Forbes to Tottenham water supply system, commencing Saturday 1 February 2020.

The 130km B-Section Pipeline, which runs from Forbes to Tottenham via Gunningbland, Bogan Gate, Trundle and Tullamore, is currently struggling to meet the demands induced by the ongoing drought.

Parkes Shire Council's General Manager, Kent Boyd said, "in an effort to effectively manage water supply and security for our residents, as well as those in neighbouring Shires, Level 3 restrictions will be introduced this weekend for residents in Gunningbland, Bogan Gate, Trundle and Tullamore."

"Significant extraction from standpipes, particularly, along the Parkes Shire section has meant that at times supply to communities within the Lachlan Shire has been almost completely exhausted. Lachlan Shire Council have been forced to cart water by truck to Albert Reservoir to ensure basic supply to their consumers further along the pipeline."

"With Tottenham on Level 4 restrictions, it's only fair and reasonable the Parkes Shire section of the supply system moves to Level 3."

Under Level 3 Water restrictions, domestic users can water with hand-held hoses, soaker hoses, microsprays and drip systems between the hours of 6am and 9am; and 6pm and 9pm on alternate days:

  • For odd numbered properties (1,3,5..etc) the days are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
  • For even numbered properties (2,4,6.. etc) the days are Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.
  • No watering is permitted on Mondays.
  • Watering systems and non-fixed sprinklers are not permitted.

For further information, visit Council's Water Restrictions page.