Parkes. It all adds up

Lifestyle + opportunity + fun + friendly + business + tourism.

The Parkes, it all adds up brand platform represents the community's brand essence of positivity.

The Parkes word is in a strong, grounded and professional type style and is in the same deep blue found in the Parkes Shire Council brand. The 'plus' sign in the middle of the E represents the essence of a 'positive' plus mark as well symbolising Parkes' strategic location at the crossroads of Australia's transport network.

The multi-coloured squares represent diversity and our fun, friendly personality. The positioning line 'It all ads up' is in the same deep gold colour that also features in the Parkes Shire Council logo.

The Positive mark is created from 9-squares which communicate the diversity of attributes that all add up to make Parkes a vibrant,  progressive and positive community.

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Our Destination Brand Story

In 2015, Parkes Shire Council identified the need for a strong destination brand that positioned the region clearly and positively as a great place to live, play, stay, work and prosper. A series of community discovery workshops revealed much about Parkes’ personality. There was so much diversity but it had one common factor: It was all positive.

‘Parkes. It all adds up’, was developed with the help of brand consultants and adopted by Council in August 2015. The brand concept evolved into a brand identity and full communications platform with branding elements acquired including logos, fonts, imagery and tone.

The new destination brand has not replaced Council’s brand. Rather it complements the corporate identity and is applied to services and offerings marketed externally to Parkes, such as the key pillars of tourism, lifestyle and economic development applications.

One of the key tasks in the development of the brand involved a series of Discovery Workshops to establish the essence of Parkes and relevant brand territories.  Close to 70 people including Councillors, staff and a broad cross-section of business and community members participated in the workshops, which was very pleasing. It also demonstrated the broader community interest in this project and generated an excellent basis on which to build a real brand, based on truth.

Much was revealed about Parkes’ personality, but we discovered that all our attributes had one common factor.  It was all positive. Parkes has a Positive outlook, Positive relationships, Positive experience, and Positive outcomes.  Therefore the brand essence of Parkes has been defined as Positive.

There was almost unanimous support from the stakeholders on the adoption of the 'It all Adds Up in Parkes' concept for implementation.  This concept epitomises the positivity surrounding the future of Parkes that shone through in the stakeholder groups.  There was a real undertone of optimism and the fact that Parkes had so much going for it, which all added up to form a full communication platform that can convey all the positive values of Parkes while remaining real and unpretentious.  The sum is greater than its parts.

Sub brands were also developed from the branding elements for the smaller towns within the Parkes Shire to give them a sense of identity and individuality within the brand framework.

The brand concept was endorsed by Council in August 2015 and the new consumer brand now drives all language and communications, promotes developments, unites the community and delivers long-term benefits for growing the Parkes region.

For more information about the ‘Parkes. It all adds up’ destination brand, contact Council's Brand & Marketing Manager, Katrina Dwyer on 02 6861 2333.