It’s a great move

When you put it all together, it all adds up.

Located in Central NSW, the Parkes Shire is progressive regional centre that offers a quality lifestyle and robust economy for business development.

The Parkes Region is a great place to live and raise a family with affordable housing and lifestyle properties, diverse employment opportunities, modern health services, quality educational facilities, a strong sporting culture and first class community facilities.  You can download the Relocate Brochure for all you need to know about benefits of relocating the Parkes Region.

The communities' vision for the Parkes Region is - "In 2030 Parkes Shire will be a progressive and smart regional centre, embracing a national logistics hub with vibrant communities, diverse opportunities, learning and healthy lifestyles"

For more details about community facilities, health, education and services, visit Your Community Page. For more information on the Parkes Shire economy visit the Business Relocation section of our website.

Why relocate to Parkes?

It's difficult to single out just one thing that makes Parkes Shire an attractive place to relocate, as it is all the little things that make Parkes add up as a great place to visit, live and invest.

One of the most attractive reasons why families and businesses are relocating to Parkes Shire is its geographical location. Parkes is a thriving Shire centrally located within NSW. Parkes is literally the crossroads of the Nation with the Newell Highway, connecting Brisbane and Melbourne, and the transcontinental railway linking the eastern seaboard to Perth, meeting in Parkes to form a unique logistics opportunity for Australia. Over 80% of the Australian population can be reached by road within 12 hours from Parkes.

This unique characteristic has made Parkes one of the most strategically significant locations in the future of transport and logistics in Australia. This strategic location will be boosted when the Inland Rail  from Melbourne to Sydney is complete.

The strategic location combined with a strong diverse economy, results in a significant Gross Regional Product (GRP) of over $1 billion per year for the Parkes Shire. The economy is underpinned by the key industries of agriculture and mining, but also has a strong transport and logistics industry, retail and public sector.

The Parkes Shire prides itself on welcoming new people; it is a progressive and caring community which also possesses a wonderful sense of fun and inclusiveness. Parkes is a community that is used to welcoming new residents.

People from all over Australia and the world come to work at various organisations such as Northparkes Mines, the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), CSIRO radio telescope and various other employers. The Parkes Shire also attracts many people who are looking for a “tree change” and a more affordable lifestyle for their families.