Our sister city

Coventry, the birth place of Sir Henry Parkes.

Parkes enjoys a long-standing and positive sister city relationship with Coventry, U.K.



The Parkes/Coventry Sister City link is the longest surviving of the 470 relationships enjoyed by Australian towns and cities.

Established in 1939 through a simple but significant exchange of national flags, the link continues to flourish. The link is indeed tangible, having prospered on the firm foundation of Sir Henry Parkes' birth on the outskirts of Coventry in 1815. With the then NSW Premier visiting the town on three occasions, the name change from Bushmans to Parkes was gazetted in 1873.

From that key date the following significant developments ensued:

1939 - Parkes/Coventry Sister City link founded as the first such affiliation enjoyed by an Australian town or city;

1945 - Coventry City Council unashamedly moved to develop links around the world with 24 other sister cities. While Parkes is the smallest centre with which Coventry (population 300,000) is twinned, clearly it is the one from which the most international goodwill and cultural enrichment is derived.

1983 - Coventry Lord Mayor visits Parkes for Local Government Centenary celebrations.

1988 - Coventry Lord Mayor visits Parkes for Bicentennial celebrations.

1989 - Parkes Shire Council delegation visits Coventry.

2000 - Parkes Shire Council delegation visits Coventry,

2001 - Visit to Parkes by 16 person delegation from Coventry City Council and local soccer team for Australia Day and Centenary of Federation Celebrations.

2003 - Parkes Shire Council delegation visits Coventry.

2019 -  Parkes receives a Coventry flag, which depicts Lady Godiva riding through the streets of Coventry, as part of a BBC UK initiative to have the flag flown at Coventry's sister-cities around the world.