Australian Citizenship

We welcome new citizens to our community.

Parkes Shire Council contributes to Australian citizenship through the conduct of citizenship ceremonies.

Citizenship ceremonies provide Council with an opportunity to welcome new citizens as formal members of the Australian community and in particular as members of our local community.

Australian Citizenship represents formal membership of the community of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is a common bond, involving reciprocal privileges and responsibilities, uniting all Australians while respecting their diversity.

The key ways in which Australian Citizenship may be acquired under the Australian Citizenship Act 1948 (the Act) are by:

  • birth in Australia to a parent who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • adoption in Australia by a parent who is an Australian citizen;
  • lodging an application and subsequently being granted Australian citizenship; and by
  • descent, for people born overseas to a Australian citizen parent if they meet certain criteria.

For more information about Australian Citizenships or to lodge an application, go to the Australian Government Website.