Subsidiary and Additional Services

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Extra waste services for home and business.

Please note that cancellation of any subsidiary service must be in writing to the General Manager, Parkes Shire Council.


Waste Collection Services

Improved waste collection Three-bin system reduces landfill and environmental impact. Parkes Shire Council has joined with other local government authorities in the NetWaste region to […]

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Subsidiary and Additional Services

Apply here Extra waste services for home and business. Subsidiary domestic waste service Residents may apply to Council to get extra bins if they find […]

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Waste and Recycling Tips

  How to recycle Lets all work together to recycle to reduce waste in our environment. Here are some handy tips for recycling waste: Things […]

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Regional Waste Facilities

Regional waste facilities Depots in Parkes and throughout the Shire. Council presently operates 8 waste depots within the Shire. It has established a controlled sanitary […]

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