Pedestrians who are distracted by their mobile phone or listening to music with headphones are being targeted as part of a new road safety campaign.

The 'Look Out Before You Step Out' campaign aims to educate pedestrians to take an extra moment to look before stepping out onto roads, as well as choosing safe times and places to cross.

Council's Road Safety and Injury Prevention Officer Melanie Suitor said Council was installing brightly coloured footpath decals at refuges, intersections and crossings that remind pedestrians there could be oncoming traffic.

“These stickers serve as a simple reminder to look out before you step out, as it could save your life.

"They are designed to catch people’s attention just before they cross the road.  They are especially designed to stop people on mobile phones walking out into traffic without looking.

"It’s important to have your head in the moment and make safe decisions with crossing the road.  With the increase in technology use we are becoming less aware of our surroundings, as we are more distracted," Ms Suitor said.

More than 50 stickers were installed in the Parkes, Peak Hill and Trundle CBDs and around the schools in the lead up to Christmas.  With an additional 10 stickers to be installed in Tullamore in coming weeks.

The ‘Look Out Before You Step Out’ campaign is being conducted by Parkes Shire Council in partnership with Transport for NSW.

Key Safety Tips

  • Look before you cross. Just because someone else decides to cross, doesn’t mean it’s safe for you
  • Unplug your earphones and put away your phone
  • Never assume that an approaching vehicle can see you, or will stop for you – wait until all vehicles have stopped before you step off the kerb
  • Avoid crossing between parked cars or at the front or back of buses and large vehicles
  • At intersections, check for turning vehicles before you leave the kerb, and while you are crossing the road
  • Wear bright, light coloured clothing at night or in reduced visibility conditions.
  • Always use pedestrian crossings or other pedestrian facilities where possible.