Helium balloons can travel long distances, across council and state borders, creating litter hundreds of kilometres from the release site, ending up as litter and a potential threat to wildlife.

Council resolved at recent meeting to further educate the community about the environmental risks and controls associated with releasing helium filled balloons into the air.

Council's Director Planning & Environment Brendan Hayes said, "it is in fact an offence to release twenty (20) or more gas filled balloons in the open air under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (2000)."

The legislation is however, not largely monitored or enforced with large releases of balloons happening across NSW and Australia.

"It is important that the community is aware of the environmental impact caused by balloons and the legislation regarding their release," said Mr Hayes.

Chair of Council Waste Committee, Councillor Alan Ward said, "these releases often happen at times of difficulty or celebration, and Council is aiming to encourage residents to consider alternate ways to better commemorate these events."

"There are more environmentally friendly options such as bubbles, lighting candles, scattering flower petals or planting native trees for those wishing to commemorate the passing of a loved one or celebrating an occasion or event," concluded Cr Ward.

For more information about the impact and controls around releasing helium filled balloons visit https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/questions/release-helium-balloons