The Recycled Water Rising Main construction is underway, and while it may bring minor traffic disruptions while the new pipes are being laid, it will ultimately increase the security of the town's water supply.

The new purple pipe network is the second phase in the Parkes Recycled Water Scheme, and will deliver recycled water to the town's sporting fields and open spaces, as well as the Parkes Golf Course and the Parkes Jockey Club.

Parkes Shire Council's Director of Infrastructure Andrew Francis said: "the current drought really emphasises why water conservation is vital. Council recently had to declare Level 2 Water Restrictions after the water level at Lake Endeavour fell to 33 percent, so the Recycled Water Scheme will be a welcome addition to our urban water network."

While recycled water will not be available to domestic customers, it will still provide flow-on benefits for residents.

"Council has to maintain our sporting fields and public parks, and ordinarily this water comes from our potable (drinking) supply," Mr Francis explained. "Using recycled water for municipal irrigation has a triple benefit. Firstly, it reduces the demand on our town water supply, secondly, it creates a second use for water that would otherwise be wasted, and finally, it is more cost-effective than using potable water for irrigation."

"Even though we are building an entirely new waterpipe network, the construction will be fairly low-impact," Mr Francis continued, "the contractors will make every effort to minimise disruption, including using non-potable water for dust suppression. We really appreciate the public's understanding with any inconveniences over the coming months."

The pipeline route and construction updates are published on the Parkes Shire Council website under Public Notices, and directly impacted residents will be contacted prior to construction moving into their area.

"We also urge residents to observe the new Level 2 water restrictions, and make small adjustments to their routine to reduce water consumption," Mr Francis added. "It all adds up."

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