Parkes' new Recycled Water Scheme is one step closer, with recycled water in the pipeline for Armstrong Park and the new Town Entry Garden.

Construction on the Recycled Water Rising Main is complete, with the 12km purple pipeline spanning from the Advanced Water Recycling Facility on Akuna Road, past the cemetery, and connecting with selected public greenspaces around Parkes. The project also included the construction of a reservoir on Nash Street and pump stations at Nash Street, Renshaw McGirr Way and the Recycling Facility.

Commissioning and testing is due to commence at Armstrong Park from August 26. The process will involve connecting the new pipeline to the existing irrigation system, pressure testing and ensuring the system is working effectively. The connections will progress site by site, with other parks and sporting fields switching to recycled water in the coming months.

Parkes Shire Council's Director Infrastructure, Andrew Francis said it's a timely finish ahead of the next irrigation season.

"The good news is that we are on track to be turning on the purple taps as we move into summer, so our parks and ovals will be irrigated with recycled water during peak water demand. The Scheme ensures our sporting amenities can maintained through dry times like we are experiencing at the moment, and will ease pressure on our drinking water supplies." Mr Francis continued, "Parkes Shire residents will be able to enjoy public greenspaces no matter what the forecast holds."

Irrigation will be scheduled at night, although testing may take place during business hours as the commissioning takes place. While recycled water is safe for irrigation, it is not suitable for human consumption and residents are advised to avoid direct contact with sprinkler sprays.

Recycled water is already irrigating the greens at the Parkes Golf Club and the Parkes Jockey Club.

The $20.9m Recycled Water Scheme is jointly funded through the Australian Government and Parkes Shire Council.