Due to the substantial rainfall across the Shire and the lowered seasonal demand, there are currently no issues with the management of the Shire's water supply system. As such, the Standpipe Usage Scheme and Drought Response Measures for Farming Enterprises framework will come to an end, and the normal system operation and usage charges will return to normal. The scheme represented a value of approximately $250,000 to our rural constituents over the 2018/19 - 2019/20 period.

Thankfully rains have now returned in sufficient patterns across the Shire to remove the need for a drought emergency water framework. Accordingly Council at its June meeting Council resolved to cease the current arrangements effective 1 July 2020. This now means that water taken from all Shire standpipes from now will revert to the per kilolitre prices adopted in the 2020/21 fees and Charges until further notice or subsequent publication in future year’s fees and Charges Policy.

Council also resolved to lift the Level 3 restrictions of the B-Section pipeline back in line with Level 2 restrictions for the entire Parkes Shire community.