Music, art, drama, history and more.

Through various programs and events, Parkes is emerging as a vibrant arts and cultural scene.

Council recognises that community engagement and participation is integral to preserving the art and cultural practices unique to the people, landscapes and history of the Parkes Shire.

Wiradjuri Ngurambang Exhibition

Wiradjuri Ngurambang Exhibition Gawaymbanha, Yindyamarra-gu ngindhu Yindyamarra-gu ngadhu Yindyamarra-gu nginyalgir. Yinaagalang-bu gibirbang-bu Gawaymbanha-du nginyalgir Wiradjuri-gu ngurambang-gu. Wiradjuri mayiny gadhaang nginyalgir nginha yanhayi. Mandang guwu. Welcome, […]

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American Visionary John F. Kennedy Life and Times exhibition

Exhibitions & Programs

What’s on Look what exhibitions and programs are coming up. Parkes Shire Council facilitates and coordinates a number of public exhibitions and cultural programs each year […]

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Museums & Galleries

Museums and gallery spaces Fascinating history, culture, theatre and more. Take a tour of the area and discover heritage displays and intriguing cultural experiences. Council […]

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Music & Drama

Performance facilities and programs Participate and develop your talents in music and theatre or simply enjoy the performance. Parkes Shire has a strong arts and […]

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Public Art

Street art in the Parkes CBD Take the Public Art Trail and experience our stories. Wander the Parkes CBD and marvel at the public art […]

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Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail Uncover the history of Parkes Shire The Parkes Shire Heritage Trail project is currently under development and aims to create a series of […]

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Cultural Spaces

Cultural spaces in Parkes Shire Promoting and developing culture in the region The Parkes Shire provides many natural and man-made cultural spaces for the enjoyment […]

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Cultural Groups

Music, drama, arts, crafts, gardening and more Find out about local cultural groups, grants and development organisations. Parkes Shire has many active local cultural groups […]

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