Heritage Trail

Uncover the history of Parkes Shire

The Parkes Shire Heritage Trail project is currently under development and aims to create a series of visitor trails across a range of themes offering an insight into Parkes Shire's history through interpretation of significant sites, buildings, and landmarks.

Heritage Interpretation Plan

Council endorsed the development of a Heritage Interpretation Plan for the Parkes Shire to provide a consistent approach to the development of heritage trails and interpretation of significant sites, stories, buildings, and landmarks across Parkes Shire.

The heritage interpretation plan will enable Council to promote the Shire’s heritage items and stories to the benefit of visitors and the community.

All communities in the Parkes Shire expressed a desire to erect interpretive signage to showcase their history and heritage and add a new tourism experience.

A project control group was formed within Council to manage and deliver the Plan and engaged the services of ‘The Interpretive Design Company’. Consultation was undertaken with key stakeholders in the community.

The plan provides a framework for the development of a History Trail Product and a style guide for heritage interpretation including themes, locations, orientation and materials for interpretive way-finding and regulatory signage as well as interpretation of significant sites/stories and consolidation of these into a Heritage Trail product. The implementation phase is planned for the next financial year (2016-17).

View the Parkes Shire Heritage Interpretive Plan