Wiradjuri Language

It is estimated that 12,000 people spoke the Wiradjuri language prior to white colonisation. Due to the effects of colonisation the Wiradjuri language was almost lost during the 20th century. It is now taught in classrooms at Parkes primary schools thanks to the pioneering work of Wiradjuri Elder, Dr Stan Grant, and the Wiradjuri Language Group. Many local sites and places continue to be known by their Wiradjuri name or a variation of the Wiradjuri name (often due to misunderstanding or mispronunciation).

Dr Stan Grant (Snr) and Dr John Rudder have been instrumental in the preservation and revitalisation of the Wiradjuri language in their work compiling a Wiradjuri Dictionary. A Wiradjuri Dictionary App has been developed by the Wiradjuri Study Centre providing further opportunities for people to learn and explore Wiradjuri language and culture.