Resources for local and family history

Research on your own or consult with an expert to learn about the past.

A range of local history and family history resources are available at Parkes Library.

There is a local and family history officer available for consultation. It is best to book an appointment on 02 6861 2309.

Research can be conducted by the officer on your behalf. A preliminary search is $15.00 (15 to 20 minutes) plus costs. A professional Search is $40.00 per hour plus costs.

Available for library members to access in the technology room on library computers is Library members can also request login details to access The British Newspaper Archive.

History Parkes Blog

History Parkes is an online resource for the Shire's history. Library staff hope to bring out into the open quirky, serious, fun, factual information and accounts about how our Shire began, creating a local resource that can continually be added to.

This blog is an ever evolving resource, with new stories, photographs and information being found. Old and forgotten stories will be rediscovered. Local families will be able to retrace the steps of their ancestors; just as newcomers to Parkes Shire will be able to learn about some of the predecessors to their newfound home.

If you have information that you would like added to History Parkes please contact staff at Parkes Library by telephoning 02 6861 2309 or emailing or by dropping into Parkes Library.

For local family and history events and programs, visit Council's What's Happening page.