PAC Park

An urban wetland

PAC Park is an urban wetland located off East Street in Parkes. The wetland is home to native plant and animal species including birds, ducks, turtles, yabbies and frogs.

Residents and visitors can enjoy exploring the area taking advantage of a shared walking and riding path from East Street through to Newell Highway.

There are picnic shelters and a  playground to keep everyone entertained.

Wetlands are a major part of healthy environments. Within urban areas, wetlands are increasingly important as they provide refuge and habitat for a range of plants and animals. Wetlands such as this one also allow people to experience first hand how a wetland functions, helping us all get closer to the plants and animals that live in our community.

PAC Park was named after the Parkes Advancement Corporation, an organisation formed in 1967 to coordinate the promotion of Parkes as a place to live, work and invest.

PAC Park is managed by Parkes Shire Council with the assistance of local businesses and organisations, community volunteers and State and Federal funding.