After considerable advocacy, the Southern Lights Group of Councils welcome the news that their lobbying on street lighting pricing has resulted in a significant decrease in maintenance costs to Councils.

"The Southern Lights Group of Councils is well known for their advocacy seeking to bring over 70,000 LED street lights with smart controls across southern NSW" said Parkes Shire Mayor Ken Keith OAM.

"Not so well known is their work advocating to keep the costs of street lights to a minimum. To facilitate this, the group worked together putting submissions to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER)" said Mayor Keith.

The AER handed down the main parts of its Final Decision on pricing for 2019-2024 at the end of April and on 8 May published details of newly approved Essential Energy 2019-2024 street lighting pricing.

"A cut in street lighting maintenance costs of 10-26%, depending on the lighting type, has been approved as compared to the previous proposal from Essential Energy. Capital charges for traditional luminaries are reducing by around 7%" said Mayor Keith.

The Southern Lights Group strongly welcomes the constructive approach taken by Essential Energy to the negotiations with the AER and seeks to continue to work with key stakeholders including the NSW and Federal Governments to deliver safer, cheaper, smarter and more environmentally friendly lighting.